Buffalo School Board Issues Ultimatum to Trump Campaign Co-Chair Carl Paladino: Resign in 24 Hours

Long overdue consequences
1/03/17 2:12:16 pm
re: #255 whitebeach Um, I'd certainly consider including John Wooden in that list. Just sayin'.

Disgusting racist swine Carl Paladino (sorry for candy-coating that description) has been given an ultimatum by the Buffalo School Board. They voted 6-2 today that he must resign within 24 hours or they’ll petition that state of New York to remove him. Good. But check out how one of …

Trump Campaign Co-Chair Carl Paladino “Apologizes” for His Gutter Racism (But Not Really)

“I certainly am not a racist”
332Odie Hugh Manatee
12/27/16 10:03:42 pm
re: #272 goddamnedfrank Yeah... I was feeling a bit constipated and in a bit of a 'jam' while on the toilet today. Then I remembered that Trump is our next President... Problem solved but now I can't stop. #NoThanksDonald

Keith Olbermann’s Latest: Hillary Was Wrong - All of Trump’s Supporters Are “Deplorable”

With bonus Katrina Pierson impersonation
9/19/16 3:26:28 am
re: #157 Ojoe Dead thread troll being deplorable. Normalizing white supremacy and racism by holding the female candidate and by default 'the left' to some moral standard yet silent on all the deplorable shit the right is saying and stands ...

Carl Paladino’s ‘Religious Values’: ‘Dysfunctional Homosexuals’ Have ‘Nothing to Be Proud Of’

10/12/10 7:31:38 am
re: #3 SanFranciscoZionist Mallory, who perished on Everest in the 1920's after getting very close to the summit, was for some years a practicing homosexual. He later married and had children. The majority of gays are gay, period. But with ...

GOP Candidate Paladino to Reporter: ‘I’ll Take You Out’

10/01/10 1:48:38 am
re: #28 WindUpBird That's exactly what I thought when I saw the picture. New Yorkers, please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but isn't the Post a Murdoch paper and conservative by NY standards? If that's the case, how ...

NY Tea Party Candidate Paladino: ‘I’ll Use Eminent Domain to Stop the Mosque’

8/09/10 1:44:13 am
re: #13 wozzablog I'd like to unleash a P-51 at Paladino and some of the other idiots fighting this project. re: #27 SanFranciscoZionist Unfortunately the former has largely disappeared in an era in which emotions have largely superseded the use ...