WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump’s Press Conference

The yooge ego speaks
8/11/15 7:00:18 pm
re: #209 Skip Intro The comparison of Trump to the altered-timeline 80s Biff Tannen of Back to the Future II is not only apt, it's almost so fucking spot-on, it's scary.

At this point I’m only interested in Donald Trump for the inadvertent comedy he’s sure to provide. And here’s another opportunity for that, as Trump gives his first press conference since the Clown Car Fox News debate.

Steve King Says John Boehner ‘Didn’t Deny’ Calling Him an Asshole

Politics for dummies
335Unshaken Defiance
2/02/14 12:27:28 pm
re: #333 Shiplord Kirel See that's a win. Everyone did the right thing in the end. Been there did that with drunken neighbor in a rage looking to kick my ass in my own apartment. Classic deterrence- I made damn ...