Ariel Sharon’s Son Calls for Genocide in Gaza

11/20/12 5:34:03 am
re: #710 Obdicut Sorry it took so long to reply. It was 3 am. here and I had alot of trouble with the site Sharon got his column in 1) because of his name and 2) because Israel has a ...

Using sports metaphors and the “none are innocent because they elected Hamas” logic this JPOST op ed writer calls for genocide. If he were commenting here he’d be banned. So what’s up with the Jerusalem Post hosting calls for genocide?

Hamas Barrages Israel with Rockets, Reuters Worries About ‘Truce Hopes’

12/24/08 5:01:24 pm
re: #44 SFGoth The problem is - much of the West no longer gives a damn about itself - the end result of 35 or 40 years of liberal-inspired multiculturalism and political correctness, which amounts to the longest suicide note ...

Hamas Gives Three Week’s Notice

102Kohenan the Barbarian
2/16/07 1:15:03 pm
There will never be a Koranimal Leader in Palioland that will live to sign any agreement that confirms the existance of Eretz Yisrael---this ongoing diatribe that constitutes the Road Map will never materialize--the only unifying thread amongst the Sandmonkeys , ...