Sunday Oddity: Punch Brothers, “Sleek White Baby”

Have I got something swell
289John Vreeland
11/02/15 7:37:40 pm
re: #16 De Kolta Chair Hell. That map identifies the location of my family's original holdings in what later became the Bronx. I've never seen it indicated on a map before, and no one remembered where it was.

Chris Thile and Punch Brothers continue to experiment with… unusual forms of music.

New Breaking Bombshell NSA News: The NSA Spies on Terrorists’ Cell Phones!

This is getting seriously stupid
9/08/13 4:30:09 pm
re: #175 chadu I have a love/hate relationship with EFF, ACLU, CDT, etc. If they stopped at about 80% as far as they go on most issues, they'd have my enthusiastic support. But then they do things like file suit ...

Wingnut Blogs Raving About Non-Existent ‘Obamaphones’ Again

Deliberate dishonesty
177Local Media Monitor
2/12/13 12:29:47 pm
Former San Diego mayor and current right wing hate-talk idiot Roger Hedgecock likes mentioning "Obamaphones" every chance he gets. For a review of Hedgecock and the campaign against him, see

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Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Diamond - Retail Packaging
12/11/12 11:17:18 am
Jambox is great for portable music (we have one). However I've read repeated online reviews saying that the hands-free conversation/speakerphone setup is atrocious