Donald J. Trump, Silencer of Dissent

Is The First Amendment “Under Trauma”?
340Jebediah, RBG
1/16/17 6:04:32 pm
re: #42 Eclectic Cyborg Yup - I have loathed him since mid- to late Eighties.

In the third Presidential debate, Donald Trump said that the Second Amendment is “under such trauma.” But what about the First Amendment? While much could be said about freedom of religion, here the focus is on freedom of speech and tolerance of dissenting voices – which is an apropos …

Is Facebook “Censoring” Conservative News? Facebook VP Replies.

5/11/16 9:26:41 am
re: #47 Lidane So much this. Even though it's bullshit. I just looked at my Facebook trending topics and it has links for Duck Dynasty idiot giving his expert opinion on bathroom laws, plus even a trending story on how ...

Texas State Agency Censors Environmental Report, Removing Climate Change References

The anti-science right wing resorts to censorship in Rick Perry’s Texas
607Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/13/11 2:03:56 am
re: #474 Sergey Romanov Pointing out that the guy was a member of the New Black Panthers would be relevant.

Canada’s ‘Human Rights Commission’ Dismisses Charges Against Levant

426Freedom Fan
8/08/08 4:05:06 pm
The enemies of freedom succeed only if left unchallenged to work in the dank stench of darkness. Unfortunately for the thugs of the Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission, they did not have that opportunity with Mr. Levant. Ezra Levant protects citizens' ...

Canada’s ‘Human Rights Commission’ Hits Bottom, Digs

191Alberta Oil Peon
6/15/08 10:52:48 pm
re: #102 republic Problem with that is twofold: firstly, the HRCs are not obliged to take on a case. They can simply read the written complaint and decline to act on it. secondly: filing complaints, even spurious ones, validates the ...