Ben Carson: “If You Believe You Came From a Monkey That’s Fine; Listening to You I Think You’re Probably Right”

So very open-minded and objective
630Eventual Carrion
11/06/15 10:34:15 am
re: #607 The Vicious Babushka My religion says I am allowed to burn down christian bakeries. Fuck what the actual law says.

In this clip from an interview Ben Carson did in 2010, he launches into a garbled account of Darwin’s Galapagos Island finches, then says he’s objective and open-minded and has no problem with evolutionary theory or scientists — and follows it up with an insult: “If you want to …

Vatican Trying to Reconcile Science and Religion

3/03/09 7:26:09 pm
re: #89 robomatic But the Disco Institute crafted creationist bill he signed into law as Louisiana governor is tailored to allow creationist public high school teachers to illegitimately attack evolutionary theory, even though the Roman Catholic Church accepts it as ...

Texas School Board Creationists: Darwin Would Have Liked Us

2/25/09 6:29:16 am
Having grown up Methodist (of which not all are creationists but many are), I just realized part of what's going on with these people. They approach everything like it's a Sunday school class where you're parsing the Bible and studying ...