Donald Trump Goes on Epic Twitter Rant Against Fox News

8/07/15 8:28:44 pm
re: #116 #FergusonFireside Hope the whole weekend is fun. Sounds like it's going to be. What did you end up getting them?
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This is a hoot. The Donald has been ranting at Fox News, Megyn Kelly, Frank Luntz and Charles Krauthammer all day on Twitter. The mighty ego speaks:

Debunking a Charles Krauthammer Falsehood - Update: Romney Repeats Churchill Falsehood, ABC News Doesn’t Catch It

Fact check: The bust of Winston Churchill
7/28/12 8:28:58 pm
re: #216 mgardener Oh, I don't know. If I knew had a monopoly on the truth, I'd feel pretty damned good about myself, regardless of what anyone else said.
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