Donald Trump Goes on Epic Twitter Rant Against Fox News

8/07/15 8:28:44 pm
re: #116 #FergusonFireside Hope the whole weekend is fun. Sounds like it's going to be. What did you end up getting them?

This is a hoot. The Donald has been ranting at Fox News, Megyn Kelly, Frank Luntz and Charles Krauthammer all day on Twitter. The mighty ego speaks:

Stephen Colbert’s Expert Layman’s Opinion on Charles Krauthammer’s Mental State

I me mine
9/23/14 2:20:47 pm
re: #12 S'latch Tucker Carlson had a blind squirrel moment on that topic during the 08 campaign (when he was still at MSNBC) -- somebody asked did he agree that Obama's a narcissist, he said "*ALL* of them are. Every ...

Debunking a Charles Krauthammer Falsehood - Update: Romney Repeats Churchill Falsehood, ABC News Doesn’t Catch It

Fact check: The bust of Winston Churchill
7/28/12 8:28:58 pm
re: #216 mgardener Oh, I don't know. If I knew had a monopoly on the truth, I'd feel pretty damned good about myself, regardless of what anyone else said.

Charles Krauthammer Joins Everyone Else on the Right

579Sacred Plants
8/16/10 1:09:16 am
It's due time for this belated knowledge of self. That is precisely what this blog has been before the average half-life of the profound threads shrunk considerably, and the project devolved into "bike seat" threads nursing the sleepless. At that ...

Krauthammer: Obama Doesn’t Understand the Damage He’s Done

7/12/09 6:18:38 pm
EXTREMELY late to the thread (but i have been on the Family Visit Obligation Tour 2009 for the last two weeks and have been offline the ENTIRE time! T'was nice, really...) "Those that beat their swords into plowshares will plow ...