Video: Charlie Crist’s Official Apology to David Byrne

Byrne forces Crist to make a YouTube apology
106Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
4/12/11 6:11:26 pm
re: #104 prairiefire It is well documented that only a small percentage of Confederate soldiers actually owned slaves personally. Most of those who did were officers, "men of property." I am not saying that men joined the Confederates to keep ...

Charlie Crist’s Anti-Vaccination Backer Wants Your Sealed Immunization Records

9/30/10 7:31:41 am
Poor Charlie, he's been faced with Hobson's choice all along. run Independent and be accused of opportunism, or get plowed under. Take this guy's money and be tarnished by his crazy, or not be able to afford this campaign.

Crist: ‘We Are a Country That Stands for Freedom of Religion’

179Mad Prophet Ludwig
8/15/10 6:15:58 pm
re: #177 Reginald Perrin What retaliation can they do really? They are a bunch of cyber commandos in their own minds. Seriously, what are they going to do? Start a blog that follows everything we say and then howl like ...