Paris City Council Votes to Sue Fox News Over False “No-Go Zones” Reports

The other shoe drops
2/17/15 11:31:26 pm
re: #141 The Vicious Babushka Yes We Can!

Last month, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced on CNN that she planned to sue Fox News for defaming the city of Paris with their false claims about Muslim-controlled “no-go zones.” (And I should add that conservatives all over the media are still repeating these false claims.) Today in Paris, …

Islamophobia, Fox News, and Bogus Statistics

Steve Emerson’s use of bs stats about Muslim demographics in UK furthers agenda of Islamophobia
1/13/15 12:58:54 pm
re: #409 Khal Wimpo Yep, that's that non-existent Islamophobia for you. // Both Sam Harris & Bill Maher have fawningly (and incorrectly) attributed the following definition of Islamophobia to Hitchens: Andrew Cummins later proudly took credit for the definition, according ...

Rupert Murdoch Holds All Muslims Responsible for Charlie Hebdo Attack

Rotten from the head down
1/10/15 6:22:03 pm
re: #9 jaunte Well, actually, they're both Muslim. The "No True Scotsman" logic is not allowed, here. The Rev. Jim Jones was a Christian. Not a good one, but he was one. Muslim public opinion and leadership has in fact ...

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Sympathizes With Paris Terrorists

An ugly gloating statement
1/07/15 7:10:06 pm
re: #342 bratwurst The very, very first thing that I thought of when I saw "Pocketful of Liberty" were these lyrics from Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade": They rally round the family With a pocket full of shells ...