With Less Than 3 Months in Office, Trump Launches His First War

But those emails
4/07/17 6:53:55 am
What are Tomahawk missiles, like a million a throw? -most expensive Maga-lardo weekend evaarrr. Trump to Xi -"you like this evening's fireworks display?"

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack. Expect this airfield to be back in operation within days. In 2013, Trump said Congressional approval was necessary for launching a bombing strike on Syria. Chalk this up to one more example of his sociopathic hypocrisy.

Kerry Faces the House of Representatives

367Reality Based Steve
9/04/13 6:00:21 pm
I've already seen some RWNJs starting to float the meme that since Syria isn't a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, it's perfectly legal for them to use Chemical Weapons within their own borders. Question for the Lizards, who among ...

Dueling Naval War College Professors: Nichols vs. Schindler on Syria

8/29/13 8:31:41 am
re: #111 austin_blue I'm not sure what's tinfoil about the idea. The rebels didn't "gas their own families". Some faction of the rebel "coalition" (a misnomer if there's ever been one) gassed the families of some other faction. Presumably a ...

Reuters Poll: Only 9 Percent of Americans Favor Military Intervention in Syria

Just not into it
8/26/13 9:00:18 am
Syria and Israel have been officially in a state of war non-stop since 1967. A US strike on Syria will inevitably be seen by millions as the USA directly coming to Israel's aid against an Arab foe. The chances for ...