Rand Paul’s Comment About Parents ‘Owning’ Children Was Not Random

Received wisdom from Murray Rothbard
2/03/15 1:48:46 pm
While I see some pretty crappy attitude toward kids coming from the libertarian ideals I don't see where they claim to own children. What does this mean? The emphasis is mine.

I hang around libertarians more often than you might guess. Some of them are even nice! But they’re rare. Mostly I hang around libertarians to better understand how political intuition can go so far off the rails for some things. Take Rand Paul on vaccines. You all probably heard (and …

Another Fake Outrage From Jim Hoft: Feds Are “Secretly” Smuggling 30,000 “Illegal Children” Into States

Under cover of night, in black helicopters, no doubt
7/25/14 7:30:21 pm
re: #268 majii I guarantee that someone in state government knew those kids were being sent to Georgia, probably someone in the child welfare office or a court clerk. It's a routine matter that's been in place for at least ...

Jim Hoft’s Latest Sick Crusade: Attack NGOs Receiving Federal Money to Shelter Immigrant Kids

Caring for kids is an Obama plot!!11ty!!
423Higgs Boson's Mate
7/22/14 2:01:58 pm
re: #420 7-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course) Welcome home, brother. One tour with the Brown Water Navy (CTF116, based at NSAD, Binh Thuy).