Say Goodbye to Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie

Bye now
299A Cranky One
2/10/16 7:06:57 pm
re: #221 CuriousLurker I've known many amazing people whose faith was the basis for their lives and actions. People whose contributions deserve respect and admiration. For example, a friend of my father was a nun who, upon discovering the huge ...
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Two more Republican candidates are bailing out after their awful showings in New Hampshire: Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie. Chris Christie may have dealt a death blow to Marco Rubio’s campaign in the last GOP debate by tagging him with a “robot” description he’ll never shed, but it was …

The Sharks Circle - Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee Snipe at Ben Carson

A catchy new slogan: “I never hit my mother with a hammer”
11/09/15 3:28:06 pm
re: #137 Backwoods_Sleuth SEE!!! They are ignoring ALL signs of Christmas. It was bad enough they did not have a nativity scene. But to remove snowflakes and Christmas trees and decorations show they have been taken over by godless commies ...

Photo of the Day: At Faith and Freedom Conference, Obama in a Toilet

Smell the good Christian love
6/20/14 11:01:38 am
and that smiling pic with Ralph fucking Reed, completely forgiven and embraced by these power brokers damn near makes me apoplectic. I understand that it's Christian to be charitable and tolerant and forgiving but these guys never appear to apply ...
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Glenn Beck: Obama or Christie Might Launch “False Flag” Attacks Against the US

150Timothy Watson
1/16/14 11:54:19 pm
re: #3 thedopefishlives I don't doubt it, but every peddler of 9/11 conspiracy theories starts his ramblings with mentions of Operation Northwoods (I used to pay attention to some of that crap for laughs and to mock).
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Bridgeghazi: Christie Says He Was Misled, Didn’t Know, Unacceptable

New Jersey-style
1/09/14 6:04:16 am
re: #64 lawhawk I wanted to re-iterate this significant point you made: people often DIE in bad traffic. This kind of tantrum-throwing isn't just embarassing and inconvenient: it's deadly. It goes directly to Christie's judgment that he even hired toddlers ...
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