Video: Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Bombshell Report on Breitbart’s Cultivation of White Supremacism

10/07/17 6:18:56 pm
re: #53 GlutenFreeJesus "How can this be? He's not transgendered?!?!" Thank you! That was a part of what I posted to my Facebook page: That Gray isn't a member of the group that some Americans insist we should be very, ...

Facebook’s Russian Propaganda Was Probably Shared Hundreds of Millions of Times

10/05/17 4:03:57 pm
re: #97 Backwoods_Sleuth He resigns because he "asked his mistress to have an abortion" - not because he had a mistress. The morality of the US is upside down ridiculous. Mistress is OK - abortion and birth control are not. ...

Witness: Michael Brown Did Not Reach for Police Weapon Before He Was Shot to Death

And police have not even interviewed him
8/12/14 4:29:38 pm
So if I understand this correctly, either this witness is the key eye witness or an accomplice of the deceased who ran away. Either way, one would expect that he would be apprehended and or interviewed immediately. This makes absolutely ...

Greenwald gives away the game on his PRISM claims

Admits he has no idea what arrangement exists between internet companies and the NSA
6/13/13 12:43:56 pm
re: #354 HappyWarrior I think Zimmerman will be convicted. The DNA evidence shows no trace of Zimmerman on Trayvon's hands, yet Zimmerman says he was punched 25 to 30 times in the face, etc. There is more DNA evidence on ...

Video: Former Bain Partner Ed Conard With Chris Hayes

Deeper into the weeds
7/15/12 8:27:38 pm
I think people are focussed on the wrong thing here. Bain was managing large amounts of money belonging to Pension Funds etc.. which essentially represented money belonging to normal middle class Americans. As CEO, and as Director, he most certainly ...