Dana and Chris Loesch Defend Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments

Loesch says Akin was ‘medically correct’
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8/20/12 10:30:30 am
re: #616 makeitstop I'm not really worried about a violent communist revolution occurring in the US. The GOP have been absolute shitheads and done their best to give capitalism (and democracy) a bad name, but I don't think we're at ...

Proving that there is nothing too dumb to defend for a member of the Breitbart Brigade, former tea partier, receiver of massive government subsidies, and conservative speaker Chris Loesch took to Twitter to claim that Todd Akin’s absurd comments about rape were “medically correct.” In case you’ve been temporarily living …

Free Speech-Loving Loeschs Try to Get Conservative Prosecutor Disbarred for Disagreeing With Them on Twitter

Apparently, if you disagree with the Loeschs, you should not be allowed to practice law
7/22/12 4:46:09 pm
re: #130 Millicent Islam I loves me some fresh tortilla chips with cinnamon and sugar on them; when I don't feel like cooking them, Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips are a more than acceptable substitute.

How Dana and Chris Loesch Exploited the Conservative Movement … Again

The Loeschs have a long history of profiting on the backs of the true believers
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5/03/12 9:48:44 am
re: #42 CowboyLogic Hardly. Dana Loesch is a career opportunist. Charles learned and changed his view accordingly (and he didn't exactly gain any popularity through that). One is not like the other.

Massive Right Wing Fail of the Day: The Twitter Gulag

Hysterical paranoia runs amok in Wingnut Land
5/01/12 8:46:01 am
The small shop that employed me for the last thirteen years went out of business in December. It's been surprisingly hard for a 51 year old woman in a small NW Iowa town to find a job...any job. I'm at ...

Twitchy.com: Evil Liberals Imprisoning Conservatives in Twitter Gulag

Your right wing panic of the day
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4/30/12 3:23:05 pm
re: #148 Learned Mother of Zion Did anyone mention the irony of their 4-5 year mission to get LGF off the web through bullying and humiliating all its posters? Naw, didn't think so...