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129Anymouse 🌹
12/19/16 7:24:37 pm
re: #121 calochortus You're welcome. I have never been in this area before; it was my wife that travelled here in the past.

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12/19/14 11:21:02 am
re: #388 #FergusonFireside My God. They are so blatant and in your face that they fixed this GJ. Because they know they will get away with it. Because the leaders in this country don't care. I hope I'm wrong on ...

All We Want for Christmas Is…Guns

The sickest, saddest effect of the Newtown Massacre: a lot more Bushmasters are going to be sold
12Charles Johnson
12/23/12 10:53:26 am
re: #11 Randall Gross You bet - just let me know any time a promoted post needs something changed. One of these days I'll finish writing the code to allow authors to edit their posts after promotion.