Trump Accuses Dianne Feinstein of Committing a Crime by Releasing the Fusion GPS Transcript

1/10/18 3:07:07 pm
re: #236 Backwoods_Sleuth if only it could also be applied to Kentucky legislators.....

One way you can always tell that the Trump-thing has been injured where it hurts most — his ego — is when he lashes out on Twitter and accuses his target of doing something illegal. (If only Trump could criminalize criticism of himself, imagine how much greater America would be.) …

In Which the GOP Tries to Protect Their Orange Oligarch Figurehead With a Series of Desperate Moves

146retired cynic
1/05/18 3:02:29 pm
I got an email from Sen. Chris Murphy, reporting on a trip he and Sen. Blumenthal made to Puerto Rico. It is long, but so good. I cut the photos out of the text, and am putting the text in ...

UK Intelligence Officials Vouch for Credibility of Trump “Golden Showers” Dossier

“Not the sort of person who will simply pass on gossip”
1/13/17 1:16:11 am
re: #191 HappyWarrior That is why we need to start calling them right wing elites. They think they are better than everyone else. Next talking point: Tell the "Alt Right" the "White Genocide" they are afraid of they voted for. ...