Kerry Faces the House of Representatives

367Reality Based Steve
9/04/13 6:00:21 pm
I've already seen some RWNJs starting to float the meme that since Syria isn't a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, it's perfectly legal for them to use Chemical Weapons within their own borders. Question for the Lizards, who among ...

C-SPAN has live video of John Kerry and Chuck Hagel answering questions about Syria from the wonderful people in the House of Representatives. (The ones who bothered to show up, that is.) Here’s a thread to discuss… UPDATE at 9/4/13 12:40:32 pm Just in:

Chuck Hagel Confirmed for Secretary of Defense

Excellent work, Breitbrats!
2/27/13 6:52:58 am
re: #1 Dr. Matt I think animosity to Hagel is from the Military Industrial Complex types because they fear the defense budget cuts he is going to implement and one of the biggest military pork spending out there is supporting ...

Mocked for Pushing Fake Story, Breitbrats Go Totally Ballistic

Desperately thrashing Breitbart
214Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
2/21/13 2:25:15 pm
re: #98 Gus Well, it's not what he said, but it's included within it. If you think Native American juries can't try non-Indians fairly, then you think that Native American juries can't try white people fairly. So it's still a ...

After Falling for Fake “Friends of Hamas,” Ben Shapiro Calls Real Journalist a “Hack”

Right wing journalism
2/20/13 6:18:28 pm
Disinformation 101: conservative pundits and politicians take turns making crap up and then proceed to cite each other ("There are stories out there that blah, blah, blah occurred/was said/etc.") as justification for propagating the fallacious stories. This is what happens ...

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Makes Up Another Fake Story to Smear Hagel, GOP Runs With It

A pro-Hamas group that doesn’t exist
2/14/13 3:48:32 pm
What timing, to delay or maybe block the confirmation of a Secretary of Defense, for no particular reason, two days after the North Korean nuclear test. This is really putting party before country.

Live Video: President Obama Makes Personnel Announcements: Hagel and Brennan

Right wing immediately attacks former heroes
1/07/13 2:51:23 pm
Alan Dershowitz will testify(or wants to)regarding Hagel. I would like to point out that Dershowitz is a very, very strong supporter of the President. I have truly mixed emotions on Hagel. His past comments on Armenia and Israel both me, ...