John Lewis: ‘I Never Saw’ Sanders at Civil Rights Events

That’s gonna leave a mark
2/15/16 8:03:20 am
Charles, I still like LGF (fwiw) even if Hilary Clinton brings out the irritable cynic in me. Re: the LGF notice "lose the ad-blocker or help us out": Taboola is a criminal piss-take that ought to be shunned, it's model ...
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This is quite a blow to Bernie Sanders’ civil rights credibility, as Rep. John Lewis says he “never saw” Sanders at civil rights events in the 1960s.

Watch: Eric Holder Announces DOJ Will Pursue Civil Rights Investigation in Garner Death

12/04/14 9:47:50 am
That was down the block from a bigger protest in favor of getting the City to raise the minimum wage: Further uptown, there are protests outside Foley Square seeking justice for Eric Garner. And I'm expecting another round of protests ...
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The Creeping Expansion of Corporate Civil Rights

A little history
2/19/14 11:35:03 am
re: #502 Eventual Carrion Human Development. From Fielding Graduate University (then Fielding Graduate Institute). Fielding is a distance learning PhD system. It is accredited (by the WASC), which is the question I had.
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DOJ Sets Up Email Tip Line in Zimmerman Case, Right Wing Bloggers Go Batshit

Yes, it’s another unison freakout in Wingnut World
7/17/13 9:12:50 pm
The Shrieking Harpy is not only lionizing Zimmerman, but she's working really hard trying to pain Trayvon as a drug addicted gangster. Seriously, she's saying that Trayvon bought the Skittles to make drugs. At least Spencer mostly sticks to Islamophobia. ...
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Video: President Obama Speaks at Unveiling of Rosa Parks Statue

Remembering a hero of human rights
371Feline Fearless Leader
2/27/13 9:13:30 pm
re: #362 engineer cat What?!? So you didn't enter your comments in the linguistic equivalent of RPN - and then tell him that made them more logically formatted than using Standard English sentence structure? ;) My few code reviews generally ...
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Wingnuts In a Lather After Takes Down Anti-Muslim Blog

Kudos to Wordpress: free speech stops when you are making specific terror threats
85Tommy B
12/30/11 3:17:39 pm
A couple of selections from the comments section on the Yahoo story: At least that second comment has no up votes and four down votes. The first comment, with its "car bomb" suggestion, currently has seven up votes and one ...
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