John Lewis: ‘I Never Saw’ Sanders at Civil Rights Events

That’s gonna leave a mark
2/15/16 8:03:20 am
Charles, I still like LGF (fwiw) even if Hilary Clinton brings out the irritable cynic in me. Re: the LGF notice "lose the ad-blocker or help us out": Taboola is a criminal piss-take that ought to be shunned, it's model ...

This is quite a blow to Bernie Sanders’ civil rights credibility, as Rep. John Lewis says he “never saw” Sanders at civil rights events in the 1960s.

The Confederate Flag Is Coming Down, but South Carolina Doesn’t Deserve Congratulations

It was a deliberate insult to the civil rights movement
7/09/15 5:25:13 pm
re: #277 steve_davis There's a depth of insult I try not to tolerate. I developed it when the same sorts of things were tossed out about the Clinton's daughter.

Watch Live: On 50th Anniversary of Selma, President Obama Speaks at the Edmund Pettus Bridge

274Damned Architect
3/07/15 5:50:19 pm
re: #273 Blind Frog Belly White re: #273 Blind Frog Belly White Well, for the past 200%2B years, every week in the USA there has been at least 1 young black man shot, lynched, or murdered by authority figures or ...

Watch: Eric Holder Announces DOJ Will Pursue Civil Rights Investigation in Garner Death

12/04/14 9:47:50 am
That was down the block from a bigger protest in favor of getting the City to raise the minimum wage: Further uptown, there are protests outside Foley Square seeking justice for Eric Garner. And I'm expecting another round of protests ...

The Creeping Expansion of Corporate Civil Rights

A little history
2/19/14 11:35:03 am
re: #502 Eventual Carrion Human Development. From Fielding Graduate University (then Fielding Graduate Institute). Fielding is a distance learning PhD system. It is accredited (by the WASC), which is the question I had.

DOJ Sets Up Email Tip Line in Zimmerman Case, Right Wing Bloggers Go Batshit

Yes, it’s another unison freakout in Wingnut World
7/17/13 9:12:50 pm
The Shrieking Harpy is not only lionizing Zimmerman, but she's working really hard trying to pain Trayvon as a drug addicted gangster. Seriously, she's saying that Trayvon bought the Skittles to make drugs. At least Spencer mostly sticks to Islamophobia. ...

Video: President Obama Speaks at Unveiling of Rosa Parks Statue

Remembering a hero of human rights
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2/27/13 9:13:30 pm
re: #362 engineer cat What?!? So you didn't enter your comments in the linguistic equivalent of RPN - and then tell him that made them more logically formatted than using Standard English sentence structure? ;) My few code reviews generally ...

Christie: Civil Rights Struggle Could Have Been Resolved by Voting

New Jersey governor suddenly sounds like Ron Paul
122Charleston Chew
1/28/12 7:02:23 am
If there had been a national vote on civil rights, the results would have looked like this, with yellow states for it, green opposed, and red strongly opposed. Image:

Wingnuts In a Lather After Takes Down Anti-Muslim Blog

Kudos to Wordpress: free speech stops when you are making specific terror threats
85Tommy B
12/30/11 3:17:39 pm
A couple of selections from the comments section on the Yahoo story: At least that second comment has no up votes and four down votes. The first comment, with its "car bomb" suggestion, currently has seven up votes and one ...

RIP: Civil Rights Hero Fred Shuttlesworth

“The Lord knew I lived in a hard town, so he gave me a hard head”
10/06/11 12:05:58 pm
re: #729 Killgore Trout I might not agree with their presentation or every group supporting them, but I damned sure support every American's First Amendment right to peaceably assemble without having the the crap beaten out of them.