Video: Ken Burns on the Civil War: It Was About “Slavery, Slavery, Slavery”

The Confederacy was holding onto the idea that some humans should be able to own other humans
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re: #405 Backwoods_Sleuth NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE TO READ THINGS I DISAGREE WITH!!!!! Remember, women who complain about being stalked and harassed are oversensitive SJWs, but Christians can freak out over having to read that gay people are ...
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Filmmaker Ken Burns appeared on Face the Nation today, and had some words about the revisionist history of the Civil War constantly being pushed by the right wing. He pointed out that South Carolina’s articles of secession (the first state to secede) are all about “slavery, slavery, slavery.” And not …

Egypt’s Descent into the Heart of Darkness

Madness, power, and no good outcome on the immediate horizon
8/15/13 1:18:50 pm
re: #24 Ian G. I think that's the worst thing we can do. As others have pointed out, if we did that, it would only open the door for some other country to step in, one that might not have ...
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Obama Campaign Ad: Sarah Palin and the Far Right

“Back to the days before the Civil War”
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re: #822 Obdicut Do you think a brain is useful without oxygen? I don't. Correct. You have been arguing the whole time that those functions are separate. They aren't. One area of the brain can contribute to many functions. Removing ...
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Is the History Channel Really Going to Run Neo-Confederate Ads?

10/18/10 1:58:00 am
What's incredible about this, is that secessionism could be happening in an intellectual and democratic context. Ask what Slovenians think about the end of Yougoslavia or why the Swiss are'nt entering the European Union, or what half of the world ...