Watch Live: Trump Rants Again in Cleveland

132The Major
9/08/16 6:22:53 pm
re: #2 The Vicious Babushka Trump's a piker compared to The Major:

This is supposed to be Donald Trump’s speech about “education,” but as I write this he’s once again feverishly lying about his record of supporting the Iraq War, and attacking Hillary Clinton. Since I started watching I haven’t heard him say a single word about education. UPDATE at 9/8/16 …

How Online Fundraising Confusion, Lawyers & Chuck C. Johnson Kept $60k From Tamir Rice’s Family

5/05/15 7:55:52 pm
HappyWarrior, in reply to your #47 and Nyet's replies, Arabic did influence peninsular Spanish quite a bit, since the Arabs occupied a large part of the Iberian peninsula during the early Middle Ages. The Spanish article "el" is in fact ...