Pathetic: Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Apologizes for Three False Stories About Hillary Clinton

No, Hillary Clinton isn’t about to be indicted, and no, her email server was not “hacked”
645bill d. (b.d.)
11/04/16 5:58:50 pm
re: #636 Tigger2 ReplyReply w/ QuoteImages I guess the ISIS Army in Mexico is going to start their Rio Grande offensive soon? //

You know that HUGE BREAKING STORY that was all over right wing media — and a lot of more mainstream media as well — that it was 99% certain Hillary Clinton’s email server was hacked by at least FIVE foreign sources, and the investigations into this and the Clinton …

Charity Navigator's rating for the Clinton Foundation

Charity Navigator Now Agrees: The Clinton Foundation Is One of the Best Charities in the US

Shutting down this exemplary organization would be a real crime
9/03/16 4:34:57 am
re: #256 Charles Johnson NEEEEEERRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! /takes one to know one.