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GOP Debate: Fight Night at the Clown Show

Clowns in a rage
448The Madness of King Orange (aka Sophist)
3/10/16 9:27:34 pm
re: #408 Skip Intro Whoever looks at us funny.

Well, here we go again. I must admit I’m suffering from a bit of debate fatigue, but somehow I’ll force myself to watch yet another go-round of the Republican clown car, in Miami this time. It’s live-streaming at, or so I hear. This will be our first open …

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Fox Business Debate: The Republican Bad Ideas That Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies

A horror comedy
11/10/15 9:54:23 pm
re: #522 wheat-dogghazi-mailgate . With gold selling today at 1093.60 U.S. dollars per ounce you would need 865007.51847 cubic feet of gold just to equal the 1.39 Trillion this country has in current circulation. This is far more gold than ...
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Overnight Podcast: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 10/6/15

10/08/15 10:19:55 am
re: #377 HappyWarrior I went to over 200lbs in the mid '90s but then when I took Hapkido dropped down to 178lbs. I seem to be at my most healthy around that weight. Mind you I was also physically fit ...

Rick Santorum Whines About Not Making It Into the Prime-Time GOP Debate

Somebody call the whaaambulance
8/07/15 5:16:16 am
Watch Republicans espouse complete Darwinian economic ideology. Now watch as they whine and complain about not being able to hack it in their chosen field of competition. Watch them fail to succeed against the competition of others who share identical ...

The Most Ridiculous GOP Attack on #FreeCommunityCollege Yet

Hey kids, look at these GIFs! Who needs free college?
1/16/15 1:18:32 pm
re: #124 BeachDem I just watched 'Mean,' then clicked a couple more in the window when that was done. She really is fun to watch. You can tell that she doesn't take the whole pop star thing too seriously, which ...
Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

In Which Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson Threatens to Sue Me

Very scary
9/25/14 5:37:44 pm
re: #178 NJDhockeyfan So sorry to hear about this. St. Jude Children's hospital says: Hopefully he'll be in that 85-90% and live a long & productive life. It's gonna be hell on him & your sis though. I'll say a ...

GOP Clown Show: Rep. Joe Barton Freaks Out Over an HTML Comment

Sheer fail
298The Vicious Babushka
10/24/13 4:46:28 pm
re: #269 Justanotherhuman Allowing your child to be a total asshole, encouraging and applauding every douchey thing it does, and developing a sense of entitlement and "specialness" to match your own douchey entitled narcissism. See also: "Are You 'Mom' Enough?" ...