Wisconsin Prosecutors Say Scott Walker Ran a “Criminal Scheme”

144Jack Burton
6/19/14 3:17:04 pm
re: #45 Dr Lizardo I had a similar experience driving through Arizona to go to a wedding. We didn't compare it to Hell (That's Riverside CA in August), but the nicest thing we could say about Tuscon was "So this ...
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In Wisconsin, a “John Doe” probe into the recall election has apparently uncovered evidence that Gov. Scott Walker ran “a criminal scheme” to bypass state election laws, by illegally coordinating the efforts of 12 conservative groups. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: And look who else was involved in this alleged …

Right Wing Group Will Punish Republicans Voting for Sandy Flood Aid

No good deed goes unpunished
147Fourth Football of the Apocalypse
1/05/13 8:31:00 am
Well, I guess we just haven't reached bottom yet. Just when you think the GOPteabag party couldn't get any worse. And we haven't even seen their demands for a debt ceiling increase. Which of course was never a point of ...
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The GOP Eats Its Young

Republicans attack Romney for being a good Republican
1/11/12 2:59:02 am
re: #43 Romantic Heretic Agreed. There's nothing wrong with running a business that does just better than breaking even, but provides excellent service to its customers and delivers well-paid, secure employment with benefits to its workers. Of course, they could ...
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