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Donald Trump Says the US Shouldn’t Try to Prevent Countries From Requiring Women to Wear Burqas

Because it does away with the need for makeup
10/29/15 1:52:56 am
re: #419 petermans007 WTF, Peterman. The simple point is that a one million dollar loan is HUUUUUUUGE, in the sense that very few people receive such a gift and only the most entitled (like Trump) would act like it's modest. ...

Wow, there’s so much cognitive dissonance in this Boston Globe report, at first I thought it was from one of those “parody” news sites. But no, it’s real. A right wing audience is cheering Trump for saying Islamic countries should be able to require women to wear burqas? What? …

Rick Perry Wants to Amend the Constitution for Supreme Court Term Limits

Strict constitutionalists want to change everything about it
116Pacific moderate
9/01/11 11:13:12 pm
I'm actually sympathetic to having term limits for the Supreme Court, albeit of the longer variety, maybe 15 or 20 years. We're now seeing presidents pack the court with young mediocrities like Thomas, Roberts and Kagen, Justices that they expect ...