Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson Claimed the NAACP Staged a Bombing Hoax in Colorado - Wrong Again, Chuck!

Another massive fail for the Ginger Avenger
374klys (maker of Silmarils)
2/20/15 11:51:58 pm
re: #367 lostlakehiker I'm sorry you take issue to people responding to the text you actually wrote, but your first two sentences did a very, very good job of implying that you would have treated the situation differently if the ...
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Last month, grotesque smear merchant/stalker Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) published one of his ludicrous CONFIRMED stories about a bombing at a building that houses an NAACP office in Colorado Springs; he said his “police sources” (note: he doesn’t actually have any police sources in Colorado) had informed …

Right Wing CO School Board Member: The US “Voluntarily Ended Slavery”

Right wing history
10/03/14 4:54:19 pm
It's true: my great-grandfather happily left his home and his new bride and son to join the Light Artillery, and participate in a lot of the worst battles in the West: Shiloh and Stones River and Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. ...

To Avoid Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Colorado Catholic Hospital Argues a Fetus Isn’t a Person

Malpractice suit being appealed to Colorado Supreme Court
1/24/13 4:41:12 pm
re: #75 Kragar CTE is going to be a even bigger problem among returning Iraq & Afghan vets who survived IEDs: Carl Prines description of personally surviving 4 IED explosions: Carl Prine: _Line Of Departure_ One Shot One Kill: May ...
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CO Tea Party Candidate: ‘Tell Those Tea Party Dumbasses to Stop Asking About Birth Certificates When I’m On Camera’

7/26/10 11:12:27 am
re: #276 Alouette There are some Asian cuisines that use some dairy--Indian, Tibetan--but nearly all Chinese cooking doesn't. The day someone raised on a solely Chinese diet discovers cheese is usually a bad day. The realization that the world contains ...