Breaking! Samantha Bee Caught on Hot Mic Making Lewd Comments About Men

1 week, 6 days ago
re: #205 klys (maker of Silmarils) I'm glad this issue is being discussed in highly rational terms now, without wholesale dismissal. I think we all agree we don't know what happened on that day, but many used to be under ...
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UPDATE at 10/8/16 6:05:04 pm by Charles Johnson Samantha Bee has issued an apology… well, actually more of a “statement” about this leaked video.

Video: Samantha Bee Tries to Fact-Check a Bunch of Clueless Trump-Supporting Millenials

Choking down pieces of their souls
3/17/16 5:07:36 am
I know this thread is already old and possibly stale. However I need to get this off my chest. These people really, really, frighten me. To think that articulate, educated young people have this level of cognitive dissonance is, very ...
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