The Mighty Thor #133, October 1966: “Behold…the Living Planet!”

12/01/14 10:34:10 am
There's a five second shot of a black guy in the trailer. Too much for you? @jpodhoretz — aceoaces (@aceoaces) December 1, 2014

Originally published in October 1966, this issue of The Mighty Thor featured a classic Jack Kirby cover with a horde of attacking humanoids, a stoic muscular robot, and a menacing giant face emerging from a background of Kirby’s trademark power bubble matter.

Fantastic Four #45, December 1965: “Among Us Hide … the Inhumans!”

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Silver Age
12/25/12 1:10:53 pm
My mom made prime rib from grass fed-beef last night. You may find it amazing that I never had that before, but I'm from the Bay Area where restaurants don't even serve steaks (too American for us commies, probably). It ...

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner, Issue #1

The first and only issue
7/05/11 1:42:44 am
re: #599 marjoriemoon Thread's dead, but I know exactly what you're talking about. I have a friend who uses the same so-called "parenting method" with her kid, who is already showing signs of being manipulating, narcissistic, materialistic, unruly, and well ...

Journey Into Mystery (The Mighty Thor) #99: The Mysterious Mister Hyde!

1/15/11 1:29:15 pm
re: #544 ClaudeMonet Except if the rate is a percentage of the number of marriages, the absolute number of marriages doesn't matter. It's expressed as the number of divorces PER thousand marriages. Whether or how allowing gay marriage somehow convinces ...

Amazing Spider-Man #64, September 1968: The Vulture’s Prey!

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re: #237 lostlakehiker 1) Your example of insultingly simplistic media campaigns being a winning tactic exists now. In fact, the entire issue of the Conservative cult is nothing more than an insultingly simplistic media campaign banging away at provably false ...