Trump’s “Chief Strategist” Bannon Says the Best Thing About Breitbart Is the Comments Section

Praising a sewer of mindless hatred and racism
1/03/17 9:29:36 pm
re: #141 Myron Falwell (no relation) They aren't gutless.and they've done this before. See the Civil War

The chief strategist of Donald Trump’s incoming presidential administration is former Breitbart “News” CEO Stephen Bannon, and in a recent interview he made a very revealing statement. Bannon praised the comments section at Breitbart. Yes, he praised one of the worst sewers of racism and hate speech on the …

Breitbart Readers React to Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Story With Deluge of Ugly Racism

The same way they react to everything
5/31/16 8:30:00 pm
re: #354 Buyers Remorse That might be the most absurd of all your stupid posts. Trump is nothing more than a big mouth entertainer with an undeniable talent for manipulating the media and branding himself. He would be a relative ...

Martin Bashir “Resigns” From MSNBC, Breitbart Commenters Spew Hate and Racism

Nobody gloats like a wingnut
12/04/13 5:31:08 pm
After what Palin said about slavery I did not find Bashir's statements at all "gross and offensive". He told Palin the truth about slavery - and for that he is fired. This tells the complete truth about the GOP's takeover ...

Our Ten Millionth Commenter Will Win a Signed Copy of Rachel Maddow’s Book “Drift”

Now, that’s a round number
4/22/13 11:49:54 am
Cool promotion. I found your webpage when I was doing a search online through Google; I was checking the ranking of my latest article which may interest your readers: Books and Songs from the "Rachel Maddow Show" (Current Season) Link: ...

Fox Nation Commenters Spew Paranoid Hatred, Call for ‘Mass Attack’ at DNC

Violent paranoid fantasies about civil war fill the Fox Nation comment section
8/16/12 8:59:35 am
To me the Tea Party inspired push back really disturbed me. I saw racism concealed with dog whistle politics hidden behind conservative rhetoric lead to the GOP - a disgraced and failed party after the economic collapse it oversaw - ...

On Killgore Trout’s Protest Against Racist Comments

My last statement on a right wing fairytale
461Patricia Kayden
4/17/12 5:37:02 am
Is Patterico claiming that all/most of the racist comments found on rightwing websites have been planted by Charles or Killgore? Then ban Charles/Killgore from commenting and moderate comments to ensure that racist comments are not posted. Patterico is obviously not ...

Tech Note: New Embedded Videos for Comments: Comedy Central, The Onion, MSNBC

Just paste in the URL
4/15/12 7:51:47 pm
re: #252 The Ghost of a Flea Except that Communism was not creeping in the late 70's, it was advancing fast and seemed to be gaining speed. It's true that we now know how much strain the Soviet Union was ...

Breitbart Editor Meredith Dake: A Note on Comments

Stimulating camaraderie
4/03/12 10:25:00 am
re: #430 Mostly sane, most of the time. If you looked at most of the permissions on phone apps, you'd wonder why any of the them need to know any/all of the information they're requesting. It's one thing for a ...’s ‘Liberty Chick’ Responds (With Insults, of Course)

“Stop snappin’ my bra strap”
3/29/12 10:02:20 pm
Well, Dan Riehl is not much better, and he looks about the same age. Both seem to have really thin skins for being self-described journalistic heroes. Emotional maturity of 12-year-olds.