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Tech Note: LGF Private Comments Made Simple

Privacy is good
165unproven innocence
3/15/16 11:34:26 am
re: #8 Charles Johnson Any chance the frickin' lasers are pointed at your warrant canary?
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We’ve had the ability to post private comments that can only be read by other registered LGF users for a while, but now we have an interface that makes adding private sections to a comment very simple. There’s a new button at the top right of the commenting area …

Martin Bashir “Resigns” From MSNBC, Breitbart Commenters Spew Hate and Racism

Nobody gloats like a wingnut
12/04/13 5:31:08 pm
After what Palin said about slavery I did not find Bashir's statements at all "gross and offensive". He told Palin the truth about slavery - and for that he is fired. This tells the complete truth about the GOP's takeover ...
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Popular Science: Why We’re Shutting Off Our Comments

Essentially because they are tired of dealing with the bullshit coming from the anti-science right wing
466Eventual Carrion
9/25/13 11:23:52 am
re: #385 CuriousLurker Aaron Alexis types will be happy to take one.
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Our Ten Millionth Commenter Will Win a Signed Copy of Rachel Maddow’s Book “Drift”

Now, that’s a round number
4/22/13 11:49:54 am
Cool promotion. I found your webpage when I was doing a search online through Google; I was checking the ranking of my latest article which may interest your readers: Books and Songs from the "Rachel Maddow Show" (Current Season) Link: ...
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Fox Nation Commenters Spew Paranoid Hatred, Call for ‘Mass Attack’ at DNC

Violent paranoid fantasies about civil war fill the Fox Nation comment section
8/16/12 8:59:35 am
To me the Tea Party inspired push back really disturbed me. I saw racism concealed with dog whistle politics hidden behind conservative rhetoric lead to the GOP - a disgraced and failed party after the economic collapse it oversaw - ...
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On Killgore Trout’s Protest Against Racist Comments

My last statement on a right wing fairytale
461Patricia Kayden
4/17/12 5:37:02 am
Is Patterico claiming that all/most of the racist comments found on rightwing websites have been planted by Charles or Killgore? Then ban Charles/Killgore from commenting and moderate comments to ensure that racist comments are not posted. Patterico is obviously not ...
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