D.C. and Maryland File Lawsuit Against Trump for Breaching His Constitutional Oath

“Never before has a President acted with such disregard” for the Constitution
6/12/17 9:28:28 pm
In Virginia, if I see someone using a turn signal, I just presume it was on when they bought the car and didn't know how to turn it off.

More trouble for our so-called president today: he’s now being sued by the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland for violating the Constitution by taking millions of dollars in payments and other benefits from foreign governments, and refusing to keep his promise to divest himself of his …

Video: In Interview With Lester Holt, Trump Contradicts EVERYTHING the White House Said About Firing Comey

Trump makes liars out of his spokespeople again
5/11/17 6:12:24 pm
As an ex-carrier sailor I can attest that high pressure, superheated steam is one of the most feared damage control issues- we would use a broomstick to find leaks, they were often invisible and would cut the broomstick in half ...

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch Denies Raising Money for Darren Wilson

Backstoppers says they will not accept money to support Wilson
9/15/14 9:33:48 pm
re: #311 The Ghost of a Flea Delgado is the latest in a series of female writers pandering to a largely male conservative audience, following in the footsteps of Ann Coulter and S.E. Cupp. It's hard to say whether she ...

Is St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch Helping Raise Money for Ofc. Darren Wilson?

A clear conflict of interest
9/15/14 2:35:22 pm
re: #22 Lidane And I am not surprised either. It never occurred to you that such a manifest impropriety might not be for real. And on top of that, Missouri is not "the South". Unless you're going to classify, oh, ...