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Congress Loads Spending Bill With Right Wing “Riders”

Business as usual
202Decatur Deb
12/11/14 1:50:51 pm
Who'dda thought that an Open Carry Texas gun nut might be charged with smoking a couple family members?

Well, the giant spending bill that will keep the government open until September has been assembled, and would it surprise you to learn that Republicans have crammed it full of “riders” to do things like allow wealthy donors to give more to campaigns, block the adoption of energy-efficient light …

End the Magical Balance Fairy Shutdown Myth

Both sides are not equally to blame. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) admits that GOP created shutdown over Obamacare
10/09/13 11:38:44 am
re: #70 klys I happen to think females with brains are sexy. One of the things that always made me cringe was when I heard guys panting over Sarah Palin after she was dumped on America saying she was so ...
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Republican Hypocrisy Inaction Watch

GOPers who had no problem demanding federal disaster assistance suddenly find fault with Sandy aid
155Patricia Kayden
1/06/13 6:32:58 pm
Actually I'm surprised that more Republicans didn't vote against this aid. Must be easy to vote against aiding a part of the country which never votes Republican (except a few local offices). Hope they never have to vote for aid ...
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