Issa Loses His Cool During Fake IRS Scandal Hearing, Cuts Mic and Runs

Fake scandal is fake
370De Kolta Chair
3/06/14 9:59:20 am
Libido Shuffle @eclecticbrotha @20committee @Gus_802 @Green_Footballs @bobcesca_go Breadnecked guys should not wish others to be dropping to the dead. I lost count long ago how of many times I dropped to the Dead in the 70's and 80's.

End the Magical Balance Fairy Shutdown Myth

Both sides are not equally to blame. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) admits that GOP created shutdown over Obamacare
10/09/13 11:38:44 am
re: #70 klys I happen to think females with brains are sexy. One of the things that always made me cringe was when I heard guys panting over Sarah Palin after she was dumped on America saying she was so ...

Working Hard, or Hardly Working? Congress Gives Themselves 239 Vacation Days in 2013

Priorities evident
313Decatur Deb
9/03/13 6:28:26 am
re: #312 nastybrutishntall Hi--note that you are commenting on a thread that hasn't had any action in the last day or so. If a thread here goes silent more than a couple hours, almost no one sees your input except ...

Republican Hypocrisy Inaction Watch

GOPers who had no problem demanding federal disaster assistance suddenly find fault with Sandy aid
155Patricia Kayden
1/06/13 6:32:58 pm
Actually I'm surprised that more Republicans didn't vote against this aid. Must be easy to vote against aiding a part of the country which never votes Republican (except a few local offices). Hope they never have to vote for aid ...

Video: President Obama on Meet the Press

“The pressure’s on Congress to produce”
12/30/12 7:04:49 pm
re: #25 dragonfire1981 1. They're not six years old; 2. We feed them too well already. If we did like the old British judges did 200 years ago, we'd lock them in a room without food until they came up ...

Womb with a View: The Fetal Circus Goes to Congress

A show to convince Congress to vote for the ‘Let Women Die’ bill
10/14/11 2:01:32 am
re: #113 000G Well not now, anyway! Even if it's thousands of miles away from me. And when?! Not until I am personally ready!

Obama Schedules Congressional Address During GOP Debate

With all due respect
9/01/11 9:39:47 am
re: #417 Timmeh Because he is weak. It is that simple. This is the same president who could have stopped the hemorrhaging of Democrats across the country last year by simply getting out front and defending his and their numerous ...

Peter King’s Un-American Muslim Hearings

Propaganda about propaganda
339unproven innocence
3/10/11 3:13:51 pm
re: #335 lawhawk In his comments to the press after the hearing, King mentioned that the next hearing is planning on focusing on recruitment and radicalization in our prison systems, sometime later this year. That's enough of a constraint, I ...

Onion: Congress Names Official US Language

Another populist initiative
3/04/11 3:56:32 pm
re: #152 sattv4u2 I'm assuming that the cops' supervisory officer will decide if they made the correct decisions or not, so it isn't my problem. I am, however, still imagining the frothy rage that would be pouring from certain corners ...