Adam Lanza’s Arsenal: Guns, Ammo, Knives, Swords, and NRA Certificates

155 rounds in less than five minutes
3/29/13 9:17:20 pm
I read this article this morning right after I woke up, and my heart just sank. I felt so sad and angry for a moment there. I finally shared it on my Twitter tonight because I read this and this ...
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At the school in Newtown, Adam Lanza fired more than 155 rounds in less than five minutes. The search warrants released by authorities today show the extent of the Lanza family’s arsenal; here’s the full list.

Video: Obama’s Emotional Statement on the Connecticut School Massacre

“As a country we have been through this too many times”
12/14/12 7:00:35 pm
re: #4 ReamWorks SKG I agree. Sometimes, and especially today, I feel really honored that he's my President. This is not a guy who will send American troops in harm's way, or approve a transcontinental oil pipeline, without thoughtful consideration. ...
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