Watch Live: Trump Rants Again at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT

8/13/16 9:41:12 pm
re: #129 insert_funny Adam Weinstein, formerly of Gawker, frequently ends up explaining to Twitter Nazis "Actually I'm Episcopalian." It's kind of funny because he baits them into going full antisemite, then bam, does the reveal.
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Reporters at this rally are complaining that it’s unbelievably hot inside the building, and Trump is now more than 20 minutes late.

Video: Obama’s Emotional Statement on the Connecticut School Massacre

“As a country we have been through this too many times”
12/14/12 7:00:35 pm
re: #4 ReamWorks SKG I agree. Sometimes, and especially today, I feel really honored that he's my President. This is not a guy who will send American troops in harm's way, or approve a transcontinental oil pipeline, without thoughtful consideration. ...
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