The Birthers’ New Game

The nonsensical and easily disproven ravings of going after Newark Mayor Cory Booker for not living in Newark
129J A P
10/15/13 1:48:55 pm
This is totally insane. When I was in a group exhibition in Newark, Booker showed up. That was before he was mayor. Last I heard, his father was living in Montclair, which is where I was living at the time. ...
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Dave Weigel notes how a new smear campaign launched from the right wing echo chamber has exploded across the usual media dumping grounds like Drudge and Fox News. The reports claim that Newark Mayor Cory Booker doesn’t live in Newark. In fact, they go on to claim that he’s never …

Indiana Lawmaker Thinks Girl Scouts Are ‘Tactical Arm of Planned Parenthood’

The Republican war on Planned Parenthood takes turn into bizarre
2/21/12 12:35:44 pm
re: #438 Tommy Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear UK drove an 18 gal tank Jaguar twin turbo diesel from Basel CH to Blackpool UK, 820 miles (including distance on the chunnel train), on one tank of diesel. According to Clarkson, ...
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Politifact Calls Out Michelle Malkin for Dishonest Anti-Obama Smear

425Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
1/14/11 1:37:58 pm
re: #424 lostlakehiker You're not understanding the question, then. What you have just described is circular. Yeah, you have a hard time admitting when you said something wrong. I understand. But no, hard work and 'training' do not compass parental ...
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