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Podcast o’ the Day: The Latest Edition of the Bubble Genius Bob and Chez Show, 7/30/15

“You result into your nasty mouth”
41 minutes ago
Ever wondered where that fart came from? Wonder no more. Go to my kickstarter for FartFinder(TM) and find the EYE OF THE FART. — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) August 2, 2015

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Bob and Chez’s latest podcast is a hoot as always.

Right Wing Blogger Punked by Harry Reid Hoaxer, Hilariously Refuses to Admit It

Lost in a fantasy world
105Shiplord Kirel
4/27/15 1:29:51 pm
Would it surprise anyone to learn that World Nut Daily is one of the leaders in stirring up the Jade Helm hysteria? Didn't think so. Military ops on U.S. soil raise martial-law fears ( Jade Helm ) (freeper repost) The ...
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