Trump Supporter Tweets Forged Hillary Clinton Medical Records, Then Deletes Account

481Eventual Carrion
2 weeks, 1 day ago
re: #378 makeitstop I love that word.
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So tonight, we discover that an anonymous Donald Trump supporter is tweeting obviously forged medical records to push the “Hillary Clinton is sick” right wing meme — a delusion that’s really getting to be a thing in right wing circles this week. These tweets are already being widely shared …

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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course

Like father, like son
3 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #404 whitebeach *snicker* Mary Stewart already did that, only it was a volcano... (The Wind Off The Small Isles) There is nothing new under the sun, to every writer's dismay
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Trump Tweets Debunked Breitbart “News” Conspiracy Theory That Obama Supports ISIS

Doubling down on the Big Lie
6/15/16 7:32:30 pm
Just a late few thoughts on this little Trump conspiracy theory. Firstly, it's not new. The memo in question has been in the news before, and the conspiracy nuts tried to go down the same path but it pretty much ...
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Donald Trump on Scalia: “They Found a Pillow on His Face… Pretty Unusual”

Trump legitimized the conspiracy theory, as he does
2/16/16 3:56:54 pm
re: #308 Eric The Fruit Bat Since that would be Charles, I seriously doubt that's gonna happen. If I were you, I'd think a little more before you post.
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