Coverup: 4 Days Ago, Trump Said He Was Unaware of Flynn’s Russia Problem. He Lied.

Trump is lying
192Eclectic Cyborg
2/14/17 3:18:38 pm
re: #176 FormerDirtDart LOL at this paragraph: "This raises the possibility that the probe might expand beyond Sid. Can his teacher, Miss Susie, expect a subpoena? Does the inclusion of PBS in the probe suggest Curious George's immigration status is ...

Four days ago, when he was asked about the breaking reports that his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador before the inauguration, Donald Trump denied knowing anything about it. But today in his latest press confrontation, White House press secretary Baghdad Sean Spicer …

Witness: Michael Brown Did Not Reach for Police Weapon Before He Was Shot to Death

And police have not even interviewed him
8/12/14 4:29:38 pm
So if I understand this correctly, either this witness is the key eye witness or an accomplice of the deceased who ran away. Either way, one would expect that he would be apprehended and or interviewed immediately. This makes absolutely ...