Lord Monckton the Birther: Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Congressional Investigation

Congress must investigate the birth certificate!
400The Deep State Drank All The Beer!
11/04/14 12:50:31 am
I still think it's pretty amazing that the self-styled "Tea Party" venerates a mentally-disturbed British aristocrat.

Did you know that Lord Christopher Monckton, known around LGF as the Original Swivel-Eyed Loon for his long history of obtuse, deceptive climate change denialism, his frequent appearances on the Alex Jones show, and his testimony to the House Energy Independence and Global Warming Commitee as the Republican Party’s sole …

Glenn Beck’s Infinitely Recursive Conspiracy Theory Theory

Like an onion, but not The Onion
1/24/13 9:22:17 am
I wonder if Glenn is ever gonna have one of those moments where he looks like he's just solved a major puzzle, and say, "She never gets any older. That little girl who's been following me around for 20 years ...