BREAKING! Jim Hoft Can’t Tell the Difference Between “News” and a “Press Release”

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532Feline Fearless Leader
9/09/16 3:17:01 pm
re: #513 lawhawk My brother and I had known exposure after taking a walk last week. We soaped and rinsed our legs and hands off *before* we got into the car to leave the site. And the clothes went into ...

Yes, Jim Hoft truly is the Stupidest Man on the Internet. There’s really no one else even close in the crowded field of dim-witted right wing derpitude. And today he proves it yet again with another BREAKING! post that’s going to blow the “Hillary’s Health” story wide open! BREAKING: …

GOHMERT! Obama Is Importing Terrorists So He Can Grab Our Guns!

The latest wingnut conspiracy theory, brought to you by a Texas congressman
12/07/15 3:57:41 pm
Oh won't someone think of the asparagi??? How ever can we defend the homeland asparagus if the sekret Muslim Obama takes our AR15's??? Oh the tyranny of it all!!!! Is it me or is the GOP getting progressively more stupid ...

Creation Museum Crackpot Ken Ham Says Gay Marriage Will Lead to People Running Around Naked

These people are weird
10/28/15 12:14:32 pm
re: #95 Nyet I really liked that tune, but this for me is the best tune The Beloved ever released: a real stone cold classic old-skool chill out tune for UK ravers in the early 90's.

A Contest of Loons: CPAC Straw Poll Results

All three legs of the conservative stool
3/01/15 1:52:04 pm
re: #79 Dark_Falcon Have you forgotten 2008? One uterus on the gop side, none on the dem side. How did that work out for your party? Women aren't interested in voting for uteruses; they're interested in voting for candidates who ...

Fox’s Dr. Gina Loudon is “Very Concerned About the Mental Stability” of Obama

From the Takes One to Know One Department
155Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
6/08/14 6:42:09 am
It's weird that Fox not only has complete lunatics as guests. They don't roll their eyes and call out the derp, they just nod along as if the deeply confused guest has said something wise. And the ignorant conservatives eat ...