Mike Pence Breaks Senate Tie to Confirm Creationist Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary

337John Hughes
2/08/17 5:59:24 am
re: #120 MsJ So, when you see a tornado please remember the basic rules -- stay upstairs filming out of the window with your cellphone. Previous advice to take shelter is now revoked -- which would you rather be -- ...

The United States took another big step toward becoming a theocratic autocracy today, as Mike Pence broke the tie in the Senate and rammed through the nomination of creationist Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, a religious fanatic openly hostile to public education. This is a heart-breaking development for anyone …

American Family Association Loon Bryan Fischer: Dinosaurs Were Just Giant, 1,000-Year-Old Lizards

Finally, an explanation that makes sense
12/23/15 2:46:35 am
re: #299 Barefoot Grin The Senior Dads already mused on this very subject back in July, via Todd Starnes and his declaration of love for Trump's All-American "man parts".

Ben Stein: Obama Hates America Because He’s “Part Black”

“Why is he so angry at America?”
11/19/15 3:54:28 pm
Let me take a run at interpreting what I think Stein is saying by making this comment. Since I'm black, I can only conclude that Stein seems to think that if one is a Black American, one automatically hates the ...

Creation Museum Crackpot Ken Ham Says Gay Marriage Will Lead to People Running Around Naked

These people are weird
10/28/15 12:14:32 pm
re: #95 Nyet I really liked that tune, but this for me is the best tune The Beloved ever released: a real stone cold classic old-skool chill out tune for UK ravers in the early 90's.

Ben Carson: Charles Darwin Came Up With the Theory of Evolution Because He Was Influenced by Satan

The anti-science neurosurgeon speaks
9/23/15 5:06:05 am
re: #68 freetoken re: #68 freetoken The citizens there probably view the lawsuit expense as a cost of doing business in keeping their town as white as possible, the same importance of city services like sewage processing, street cleanup, and ...

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Calls Out Ben Carson on Climate Change

“Please use your considerable intelligence to review this material”
480The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
9/14/15 11:03:33 am
re: #463 Fourth Football of the Apocalypse Well, if he quits his overpaid paper-pusher job, refuses to get another job because Jesus, and then starves to death, he can call himself a religious martyr (a stupid one, but what else ...

Ben Carson Slammed Planned Parenthood for Fetal Tissue Donation, but Did Research on Aborted Fetal Tissue Himself

Just some more GOP hypocrisy
8/13/15 5:35:54 pm
It always appalls me to see a doctor, above all, become such an anti-science revanchist. Medicine, for me, is the apogee of the Renaissance. Yes, sometimes it gets poisoned by money-hunger, and quackery is always a temptation-- for some-- because ...

Following the Passage of Bobby Jindal’s Stealth Creationism Law, Louisiana Leads the Way Into the New Dark Age

Welcome to the new Dark Age
6/03/15 6:27:31 pm
re: #318 ObserverArt Very belated thanks to everyone who's adding PhotoShop tips! I'm favoriting all these comments to be able to go back to 'em.
Satan has many faces.

And Now, Santorum Enters the Clown Car

It’s going to be an all-creationist race on the GOP side
290Egregious Philbin
5/27/15 6:17:20 pm
re: #11 RadicalModerate I love that picture so much, because it is such a portrait of one messed up family on their worst night. Schadenfreude, you betcha!

Tony Perkins (Who Doesn’t Believe in Evolution) Says Evolution Proves Homosexuality Is Wrong

Illogical fanatic is fanatical and illogical
134Decatur Deb
4/24/15 2:22:36 pm
re: #124 Ace-o-aces Our family has a bad history with it. When the kid was 4, he went with his mother, I stayed on the dock with older siblings. Two minutes in, the script was "Now we are leaving civilization, ...

Creationist Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Says Prison Turns People Gay

This loon is running for president, folks
89the silent one
3/05/15 2:59:59 am
Just a few months ago, i saw a movie about his life starring Cuba Gooding Jr, after that, i felt inspired and respected this guy, and then i find out what he is really like. What a pity he's just ...

Hugh Hewitt: Republicans Will Face No Evolution Questions From Me

The latest GOP anti-science misdirection: “who cares?”
3/02/15 9:23:10 am
Example questions from Hewitt: Obama is a) The Devil b) The antichrist c) Muslim d) Atheist e) All of the above Obama is a) A ruthless thug that steam rolls his opponents b) A spineless non-leader that capitulates to his ...

Ben Carson Calls for War Against ISIS With “No Rules”

What’s a few war crimes among friends?
173John Vreeland
2/17/15 12:30:56 am
And the Dems would be "Please nominate Ben Carson. Please please please." And whoever will be hosting the Daily Show will be saying the same. Ben "War Crimes = Political Correctness" Carson. Ben Carson is a man who is ready ...