The Disturbing Dashcam Video of Officer Jason Van Dyke Shooting Laquan McDonald

An execution
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This is the dashcam video released today, showing Officer Jason Van Dyke executing teenager Laquan McDonald in the street, and continuing to fire even as he lay helpless and dying on the ground. Warning: there’s nothing too graphic here, but it’s very disturbing to watch. Viewer discretion advised. …

Criminal Charges Filed Against 6 Baltimore Cops in Death of Freddie Gray

One officer charged with murder, 5 others charged with assault and manslaughter
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5/01/15 2:50:43 pm
I'm glad she found probable cause herself, fuck the grand jury system. It's optional and rife with problems. What's next: Monday there will likely be a bond hearing and a date will be set for a probable cause hearing. I ...
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