Shootings in Baton Rouge: Three Police Officers Killed, Trump Immediately Exploits It

477Jay C
7/17/16 6:00:53 pm
re: #457 Skip Intro So WTF does that title even mean? Is she the Trump kids' nanny? Their minder? Their PR Flack? Their chief gofer? Just shows up the difference in the two parties this year: The Democrats will be ...
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I’m afraid we have more bad news from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where three police officers have been killed and several others wounded in a shooting. There appear to have been three suspects involved, and one has been killed in a shootout with police. CBS News posted a video in …

Credit: Aaron Liu

Gateway Pundit Blogger Who Pulled Gun on Protesters Is Banned From Portland College Campuses

246Decatur Deb
7/14/16 2:33:20 am
re: #226 Shiplord Kirel My fair state is usually in a tie with Mississippi for atavistic BS. Even we don't have open carry, and carrying any piece at a demonstration is specifically forbidden. Probably made Bull Connor sleep a little ...
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Gateway Pundit/Progressives Today blogger Michael Strickland

Update on Gateway Pundit Writer Arrested in Oregon: Jim Hoft Finally Responds

Just some more dishonesty from the SMOTI
7/11/16 7:03:39 pm
re: #554 William Lewis That's fucking excellent. Shirl sounds great, as does the band. Nobody does that prickly-sweet pop like Garbage.
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Criminal Charges Filed Against 6 Baltimore Cops in Death of Freddie Gray

One officer charged with murder, 5 others charged with assault and manslaughter
321gocart mozart
5/01/15 2:50:43 pm
I'm glad she found probable cause herself, fuck the grand jury system. It's optional and rife with problems. What's next: Monday there will likely be a bond hearing and a date will be set for a probable cause hearing. I ...
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