Kremlin Accidentally Posted the Real Crimean Annexation Vote Results on their Site

Before Putin up the Really Real Result (wink, wink)
78Unshaken Defiance
5/06/14 3:51:09 pm
re: #24 Skip Intro What a complete fool. All we can hope is he fades away without hurting anyone. Who just wakes up and says he is and can start a mercenary outfit? I suspect this guy has very little ...

More at Forbes Putin’s Human Rights Council Accidentally Posts Real Crimean Election Results; Only 15% Voted For Annexation by Paul Roderick Gregory

Ukraine Concedes Crimean Peninsula After Russia Seizes Navy Base

Cossacks grabbing land
178Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/20/14 3:35:37 am
re: #177 Dom And what does this actually, concretely mean? So you want them to man the borders, or actually intervene? And no, I don't have any 'ideas'. I don't think all problems are easily soluble. I didn't have any ...