Trump Pressured Park Service Director to Back Up His Lies About Inauguration Crowd

So crazy
1/26/17 8:39:17 pm
Was scrolling through here and reading comments about how Trump knows things will never get done. Was also reading what some of the legal challenges are about to be to his executive orders, memos, toilet paper, etc. No, he has ...

As if we needed more evidence that our new president is a pathological narcissist and bully, now the Washington Post is reporting that the morning after his inauguration he called up National Park Service director Michael T. Reynolds raging about media reports and demanding that Reynolds back up his …

Trump Draws Embarrassingly Small Crowd to Richmond Coliseum

Is his support finally starting to collapse?
6/11/16 7:54:16 pm
re: #267 ObserverArt I've always heard it explained it is mother nature telling you to lie down...and then you do. ..whether you wanted to or not. Alas, I had only one upding each to give you.