Oh No! The Communists Are Mad at Me

Maoist numbskulls don’t like me, and I am bereft
380Odie Hugh Manatee
8/21/14 1:15:31 am
I was thinking that one way the cop could have been injured (if indeed he was) was if he grabbed Michael, pulled him in towards the vehicle and was pulling his gun at the same time. If Michael saw the ...

In Which Glenn Greenwald’s Friend Mona Holland Equates Me to a Neo-Nazi in Prison for Trying to Murder a Judge

And repeats “NOTORIOUS HATE SITE” over and over like a parrot on crack
2/26/14 7:57:24 pm
I'd never heard of Glenn Greenwald before the Snowden affair and its coverage in LGF. GG impresses me as a very angry man prone to sweeping and unfounded generalizations. I'm often struck by how mean-spirited his tweets are. Anyway, some ...