Video: Kids React to Donald Trump

“The worst person in the whole entire world”
138Feline Fearless Leader
3/03/16 6:24:47 pm
re: #60 HappyWarrior After they keep changing the rules trying to make the star retire he will prevail, score the winning goal, and then circle the ring while the fans chant "Donald T!" and Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D ...

In another great video from the Fine Brothers, we see some kids who are much sharper than the adults who support Donald Trump.

Too Cute Not to Post: “Puppy Love”

A dog and his horse
1/30/14 6:44:45 pm
re: #353 Kragar Hey, Ms. Rios, since you "don't know what God's mind is on this" why not try entertaining the idea that maybe God is behind the "supernatural power to this president"? Oh, wait. That would mean that maybe, ...

Wednesday Night Video: Dragon Baby

Iron Baby’s little brother
11/07/12 11:43:30 pm
re: #4 Vicious Babushka Why should we be surprised? She's probably never going to stop, no matter what. Hopefully people who support her cause will keep losing enough time that they won't be able to effectively do anything. People like ...