The Backwards Bicycle Will Break Your Brain

A demonstration of cognitive bias
5/17/15 2:17:09 pm
re: #410 Varek Raith Oh, they still happen a lot, but the death toll usually isn't this high.
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Here’s a fascinating look at how our brains are programmed to expect certain behaviors from the tools we use, and how difficult it can be to re-program those neural algorithms. Destin was given a bicycle that was designed with a fiendish twist — the steering was reversed so that …

Daily Caller Writer Casts Off Chains of White Guilt, Embraces Inner Racist

Bicycle theft leads to race-based epiphany
231Talking Point Detective
4/10/12 4:30:29 am
re: #38 Kronocide I disagree with most rightwingers on almost everything - but at least usually I can understand the logic of their thinking process. The following statement from that article however - expressing a sentiment that I've heard quite ...
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