The Backwards Bicycle Will Break Your Brain

A demonstration of cognitive bias
5/17/15 2:17:09 pm
re: #410 Varek Raith Oh, they still happen a lot, but the death toll usually isn't this high.

Here’s a fascinating look at how our brains are programmed to expect certain behaviors from the tools we use, and how difficult it can be to re-program those neural algorithms. Destin was given a bicycle that was designed with a fiendish twist — the steering was reversed so that …

Shock News: Lance Armstrong Cheated Throughout His Career

And by “shock,” we mean “not shocking at all”
1/18/13 10:38:41 pm
Lance Armstrong has questioned whether he deserves his "death penalty" punishment which means he is banned from all sports because of his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Do I win a prize? re: #257 Danack

Shock News: Lance Armstrong Admits Doping to Oprah

Did Sheryl know?
1/15/13 8:09:56 pm
re: #534 Targetpractice While the Trump hairpiece means something different, the Chinese so far are not selling entire cars in the USA ... yet. They want to, though. For now, the Chinese manufacture some of the parts that make up ...

Daily Caller Writer Casts Off Chains of White Guilt, Embraces Inner Racist

Bicycle theft leads to race-based epiphany
231Talking Point Detective
4/10/12 4:30:29 am
re: #38 Kronocide I disagree with most rightwingers on almost everything - but at least usually I can understand the logic of their thinking process. The following statement from that article however - expressing a sentiment that I've heard quite ...