#Breitbart.com Desperately Tries to Keep the Benghazi Fake Scandal Alive

Convoluted nothing-burger appears moribund
583Unshaken Defiance
11/24/12 12:46:35 pm
re: #576 Henchman Ghazi-808 Fiscal conservatism as I happen to view it includes requires regulatory enforcement up to the task of the most complex instruments. How bad the SEC got can be seen with the Maddoff scandal. The crash. And ...

Remember Benghazi? Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi? It slipped off the radar this week, so you may have already forgotten about it, which would be healthy. But not everybody’s healthy, and tonight at the reliably crazed breitbart.com, John Nolte’s feverish fantasies are feeding on themselves: BENGHAZI-GATE ENTERS NEW PHASE: THE COVER UP …

Romney: Being Vague About My Plans Helps Me Get Elected

Wouldn’t want the voters to have too much information, would we?
91Patricia Kayden
6/17/12 3:28:16 pm
Of course Romney dodged the question about President Obama's immigration announcement on Friday. How is he going to answer without either angering his rabid xenophobic supporters or angering his potential Latino supporters? Etch-a-Sketch needs more time to figure out the ...