Trump Hides, Sends Jeff Sessions Out to Announce the End of DACA

124The Deep State Drank All The Beer!
9/05/17 2:12:48 pm
re: #74 Eclectic Cyborg It's because, unlike some criminal gangs, their leaders don't rent space in Trump Tower.

In the Trump Horror’s ongoing campaign to destroy everything good about America by undoing everything good President Obama did, he sent his crony Jeff Sessions out to announce the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy today, because Trump was too cowardly to announce it himself. The …

About President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Deferred action
11/20/14 6:21:32 pm
Does nobody remember what it was like before? We had some illegal workers, mostly for the big ranchers. Our clothing industry was American and unionized. Now it's sweatshops, mostly out of the country, but a few survive in Southern Cal. ...

Rep. Paul Broun: Immigration Reform Is a Plot to Destroy America

105Decatur Deb
8/10/13 12:25:32 pm
re: #104 Amory Blaine Will you never learn to think like a Republican? Raising the retirement age beyond physical ability guarantees poor performance. The fireman who can't get a 200-pounder down a ladder can be demoted for failure and, ideally, ...