Daily Caller Editor Katie Frates Tweets About Her Desire to Murder Indigenous #NoDAPL Protesters

Murderous intent
368Jebediah, RBG
3/10/17 10:37:43 pm
re: #367 DodgerFan1988 Yup, that about covers it.

So today, this happened. Daily Caller editor Katie Frates got so upset by the thought that indigenous Americans were protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, she tweeted: When she realized how bad this made her look, Frates deleted her tweet. But here’s a screenshot: And the tweet …

Chuck Johnson Threatens Everybody: “This Will Be the Summer of Justice!”

He’s coming for you
497retired cynic
5/30/15 3:15:43 pm
re: #372 wheat-dogghazi-mailgate Oddly enough, legend in my husband's family is that his great grandfather was on the wrong side of the blanket from Swedish royalty, coming here from Sweden 100%2B years ago.

Mickey Kaus Quits Daily Caller After Tucker Carlson Pulls Critical Fox News Column

Right wing journalism at its finest
3/18/15 1:06:44 pm
re: #228 Bass Reeves It's not an "actual definition". It's a late re-definition attempt by some of a conventional term. Here is the actual definition: As you see, racism in general sense is racial prejudice, not necessarily an ability to ...

RI Sen. Whitehouse Pleads for Republicans to Stop Denying Climate Change, Right Wing Goes Nuts

Kudos to Sen. Whitehouse for telling it like it is
5/22/13 10:50:23 am
re: #257 Bert's House of Beef and Obdicuts I think we are arguing past each other because we have two different models of corporation in mind. Your arguments assume a publicly traded corporation, with officers subject to a fiduciary duty ...

Daily Caller Cooks Up Another Stupid Scandal, Commenters Spew Vile Racism

“Umbrellagate?” Are they serious?
160ReamWorks SKG
5/17/13 4:49:26 pm
The President was trying to handle a situation to avoid his guest being uncomfortable. He didn't want the Prime Minister to be in a wet suit the rest of the day. Sometimes you have to think on your feet.

About That “Taxpayers Spent $1.4 Billion on Obama Family Last Year” Fake Outrage

9/28/12 10:27:46 pm
re: #45 Killgore Trout Sure, in an ideal world that sort of comment wouldn't be worthy of any real scrutiny and would be ignored, but in the context of Presidential elections, candidate mental health has a long history of being ...

Right Wing Birtherism Is Back (Actually, It Never Left)

Birtherism = racism
381Interesting Times
5/20/12 9:26:41 pm
re: #379 Mich-again No U! No U! We'll accuse you of things we do! Fling poo! Fling poo! 'Cause some of it's gonna land on you! --From "Attack of the Rightwing Howler Monkeys"* *A musical doesn't exist yet, but it ...

Daily Caller Writer Casts Off Chains of White Guilt, Embraces Inner Racist

Bicycle theft leads to race-based epiphany
231Talking Point Detective
4/10/12 4:30:29 am
re: #38 Kronocide I disagree with most rightwingers on almost everything - but at least usually I can understand the logic of their thinking process. The following statement from that article however - expressing a sentiment that I've heard quite ...

Daily Caller: ‘There Should Be Humiliation and Pain in Government Assistance’

Giant wingnut sighted, proceed with caution
306Sir John Barron
2/29/12 7:52:57 am
True. It would be more independent of these people to rob a store or burgularize a house or two to get their food.// Does the Daily Caller also understand that people who work, taxpayers that is, are eligible for Food ...

Wingnut Outrage of the Week: The EPA’s “$21B Expansion”

Daily Caller gets it wrong, claims to get it right
9/29/11 12:26:32 pm
re: #153 Naso Tang Let's take those one at a time: If asking you to back up your claims because I have no evidence myself that you are correct is what you call "ignorance", than I am proudly "ignorant". I ...