Grotesque: 1995 Video Clip Shows Trump Describing His 1-Year Old Daughter’s Body Parts

“We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet but time will tell.”
4/09/16 11:22:01 am
re: #57 calochortus Oh dear.

This, folks, is so wrong it wraps around and stops being wrong, then wraps around again and ends up in a zone of wrongness at the outer reaches of the Wrong Universe. This guy is not right in the head.

Right Wingers Are Shrieking About New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Because of Course

It’s all part of the grand leftist agenda to control all media everywhere, see?
38Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
4/02/15 12:01:52 am
re: #36 Justanotherhuman You mean, you think that the Daily Show choosing a guy who is a combo of mixed-race and damnfurriner is enough to make Redneckistan go into total freakout mode? That their objections to Trevor aren't all about ...

Jon Stewart on the Media’s Absurd Handshake Meltdown

A gesture so meaningless you can train a basset hound to do it
12/12/13 8:54:02 am
re: #35 erik_t You know, pulling out reams of photos of Reagan and the Bushtards shaking hands with all kinds of vile people, and Bush kissing the cheek of one of his Ay-rab buddies, and then forcibly gluing those pictures ...

The Daily Show’s John Oliver Interviews the Head of the OIC

Repairing America’s relationship with the Muslim world
218Aye Pod
2/16/13 5:26:48 am
re: #113 jamesfirecat Sure if only my thoughts weren't so easily provoked, I could have had as shit a time watching that movie as you clearly did. How I envy you/ I just love arguments of the "you were wrong ...