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Trump Barred From Speaking to NYPD Officers, Then Says Police Commissioner Is Lying

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287Decatur Deb
7/08/16 5:57:50 pm
re: #230 gwangung Then this event will reduce his commute considerably.

Donald Trump asked New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to let him speak to a roll call of police officers today, in a pretty obvious attempt to exploit the horrific events in Dallas for political gain. To his credit, Commissioner Bratton said no. And in response, the Trump campaign’s …

Dallas Police HQ Attacked: Sniper Shoots Suspect in “Zombie Assault Vehicle”

288The Major
6/13/15 5:41:54 pm
re: #285 Higgs Boson's Mate It also conveniently deflects accountability and responsibility. Funny thing is that this is one of the key responsibilities of the NSA-information Assurance. So, why should we trust the NSA with spying on US citizens when ...

Good News From the Ebola Front: Nurse Amber Vinson Has Recovered Already

Beating the disease
10/23/14 12:19:52 pm
re: #71 allegro What a handsome boy! He is lucky to be so loved. Last month I adopted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a local shelter. Millie has some health problems which we are treating with a combination of ...