Wingnut Blogger Dan Riehl: ‘Get Over It, Britain - You’re a Second Rate, Semi-Degenerate Nation’

“A bunch of feckless wankers”
360Sir John Barron
7/27/12 11:55:52 am
Dan Riehl in 2009: h/t Balloon Juice. We have always been at war with the nation of Great Britain. //

For the most part, the right wing blogs have been desperately trying to ignore Romney’s amazing gaffeage in Britain, but one wingnut among them ventured fearlessly into the fray. Another classic outburst from proud Internet caveman Dan Riehl, who clearly doesn’t appreciate our shared “Anglo-Saxon heritage:”

Breitbart Blogger Dan Riehl: A High School Bully and Proud of It

One of Romney’s chosen bloggers gleefully brags about bullying
5/11/12 6:58:56 pm
re: #43 dragonfire1981 Bullies tormented me and PLL, too. Dan Riel is an utter ass if he thinks proudly calling himself a bully is a good thing, and an utter fool for not realizing how its going to bite him ...

In Which CNN Contributor Dana Loesch Falsely Accuses Me of Using a Racial Slur

Wingnut gotcha fail
4/24/12 6:38:11 am
Just when they think some Derp has pegged the stupid meter, another one comes along and 11-dees it even worser. This might be the dumbest coordinated attack in the history of Wingnuttery. I agree with the saying that says you ...

Rodan Exposed: The Shocking Audio

Revealing audio of the founder of “The Blogmocracy” and “The Diary of Daedalus”
4/09/12 10:09:52 am
Gus, I hope Rodan spends some quality time behind bars for what he did. I also hope this videos goes a long way to expose the "counter Jihad movement," for what it really it. The good news is that Rodan ...

Breitbart Blogger Dan Riehl Defends John Derbyshire’s Racist Article

The only surprise is that it took him a whole day to come up with a spin
4/08/12 12:23:44 am
re: #141 Lidane As I have always said: Bigots NEVER hate just one innocent group. Racists are also sexist, homophobes, antisemites - you name it. But among all the "doesn't ring true" bits of that story, the one that struck ...

Another Sickening Deluge of Open Racism at

Dan Riehl kicks it off
248Patricia Kayden
3/31/12 6:52:53 pm
I never read the actual racist comments since they would literally make me sick. Good to point out that refuses to remove them or to take steps to keep them from being posted. Shows what type of people (out ...

Dan Riehl and Stormfront in Perfect Sync

They all look alike to Dan
828Citizen Bob
3/25/12 8:18:00 pm
Charles, the tweet means, "How many pictures did you have to take before you got that awesome twitter icon?", and this is meant as an insult suggesting that you use tricky photography, and, by extension, a web of lies, to ...

Dan Riehl: Investigate Karl Rove for Showing Signs of Intelligence

9/15/10 8:50:37 pm
re: #153 HappyWarrior Rove won't care even if Fox fires him. Hell, with that on his resume, CNN or MSNBC will hire him! Props to Rove for saying what he was thinking and not saying what Hannity et al wanted ...