Video: Dana Loesch’s Unhinged, Totally Wrong Rant About the SB Terrorists and Social Media

12/16/15 3:56:28 pm
Man, all this talk about deli is making me hungry, and I haven't really found a good one here. There's a NY Deli, that is anything but. Really want a turkey and chicken liver sandwich on marble rye!

As the news comes out that the San Bernardino terrorists never posted any public messages about jihad on social media, here’s another embarrassing right wing fail — as Dana Loesch emotes crazily on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, saying Tashfeen Malik was “ranting on social media for years about her …

Another Right Wing Lie Debunked: UCC Is Absolutely NOT a Gun-Free Zone

Dana Loesch needs to retract her deceptive post
10/06/15 12:44:10 pm
re: #62 Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light) Pointing out that Lindsay Graham opposed the relief for others that he is seeking for his state is a reasonable response to the blatant hypocrisy. Come up with a good sarcastic ...
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CNN’s Dana Loesch Rages at GOP for Not Supporting Todd Akin

“Why is it that conservatives are so eager to placate Democrats and their media?”
319Patricia Kayden
8/21/12 4:15:43 pm
What a nightmare if Akin wins and Romney/Ryan win as well. What a nightmare for womens rights, to say the least. Dana Loesch is an idiot. There is nothing a Republican could do that would make her condemn him/her. Hyper ...
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Dana and Chris Loesch Defend Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments

Loesch says Akin was ‘medically correct’
620Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/20/12 10:30:30 am
re: #616 makeitstop I'm not really worried about a violent communist revolution occurring in the US. The GOP have been absolute shitheads and done their best to give capitalism (and democracy) a bad name, but I don't think we're at ...
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Free Speech-Loving Loeschs Try to Get Conservative Prosecutor Disbarred for Disagreeing With Them on Twitter

Apparently, if you disagree with the Loeschs, you should not be allowed to practice law
7/22/12 4:46:09 pm
re: #130 Millicent Islam I loves me some fresh tortilla chips with cinnamon and sugar on them; when I don't feel like cooking them, Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips are a more than acceptable substitute.
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CNN’s Dana Loesch Says Ending Friendships With People Because They’re Gay Is Just Part of Being a Conservative Teen

Now claims she was defending free speech.
474Eventual Carrion
6/08/12 10:44:33 am
re: #456 thedopefishlives Yeah that doosh never investigated anything. He MADE the story to his liking and then "reported" on it. If he were an investigative journalist he would be out there scouring the country trying to find people that ...
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Irony Alert! Loesch Distracts From Riehl’s Misogyny By Tag-Teaming With Another Misogynist

Republican operative Chip Gerdes has a history of homophobia, misogyny and threats.
92Feline Fearless Leader
5/27/12 5:56:48 am
re: #85 Mich-again In Philadelphia they have this extra parking lane now on some of the streets. Those parking seem to wonder sometimes why it is a little narrow and has bicycle symbols spray painted on it a few places ...
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